Biological wine
Biosphere reserve

At the etrem south of Cataluña, Les terres de l'Ebre is overflowing with wonders. The territory embrace Deltra of Ebre and d'Els ports natural parcs. During a walk, a bike ride or a horse trek, you will uncover the green kingdom of migratory birds. This natural space made of lagoons, bays and dunes count more than 33o birds varieties. Come and contemplate the flora in bicycle, meet herons during a ride in kayak, penetrate on beautiful and wild beaches where sweet water is melt with the mediterranean's salty water.

Elbre's Land

In 1971, Unesco began the man and biosphere program (MaB) for conciliate behavior and use of natural resources and promote sustainable development. This project represents each part of the world; terrestrial and marine ecosystems, famous biosphere reserves… Those reserves, internationally known, are picked for their scientific interest, based on global standards. In addition to the biodiversity’s protection, the main function this program is the development of the human, the economy, the education, the research and the information’s change between the different reserves (61o based in 117 countries). Spain is the second country in the world of biospheres’ reserves with, in addition to the land of Segovia (de la Granja, El espinar) and Galicia (Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo), Les terres de L’Ebre.

L’Ebre’s Land; the second biosphere reserve of Cataluña

Be known as a biosphere reserve is an opportunity which involve new financial’ help, international diffusion of the territory and reconnaissance of patrimonial’ values (natural, historical and cultural). This zone of 367 729 hectares (78% terrestrial, 22% marine) count 19o ooo inhabitants and covers the Delta and the Ebre basin. The new Unesco’s biosphere reserve welcomes ‘lot of ecosystems coastal and inner’ said the organization. Most of the place is giving to ranching. The alternative energy is also developed (wind, solat, hydro ), according with the respect of the landscape.